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Basic Installation & Settings

Hi! so you just bought a template from us, thank you! Ok in this page you will find out how to install and settings template properly.

Let's go!

Installing the themes

Before installing the theme, it is better you do a backup of your old template first (Important!). To do that,  inside your Blogger admin page, go to the theme page by click on the Theme on the left menu Blogger.

Next, click on the three vertical dots on the right side of the page and choose Backup to download your old theme. See the screenshot below.

When you have done a backup, do not install the new them yet. but install the default Blogger SOHO LIGHT theme first. This is important to avoid a bug.

Then when you finish reverting the theme to Soho Light theme, click again the three dots menu, but this time choose Restore. And then upload the XML file of the theme you bought earlier.

Now your theme has changed, it is time to set it properly.

The Blog gadget and other gadgets settings

Go to the Blogger Layout settings page by clicking the Layout on the left menu. In the layout, scroll down the admin layout and find for the Blog posts gadget. Click on the Pencil icon to start edit. Make sure you set it just the way shown on the screenshot below.

Don't forget to click save buttons for the change you have made.

Setting the Sidebar and Footer gadgets

Still, inside the Blogger admin Layout settings page, find the Sidebar Right gadget area group settings. Rearrange the gadget as you prefer. But do not delete the default template custom gadget. If you don't need some widget to appear, simply uncheck the gadget. See the screenshot below for an example.

Do the same for the footer gadgets group. Ok, that's the basic setting of the template. For other specifics settings follow the links below: