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Setting Front page Gadget for Ultimate Pro theme

To set up the front page gadgets in the Ultimate Pro theme, simply go to the Themes Admin settings page and click on Customize to use the Blogger Themes Designer.

Click the Gadget link in the menu to start to edit the gadgets

First front gadget setting

The firsts front gadget has two widgets in there which is the Text and the Image gadget. Click on the Configure link to Edit the text and to change the image with your own. For the Text gadget, make sure you change to HTML edit mode (IMPORTANT!) and don't remove the HTML tag like <p></p> etc. Just replace the words. See the screenshot for the details.

Change the Image with your own or you can use it if you want. You can choose to upload your own image from your computer or from URL.

Let the Title, Caption, and Link remain blank.

Setting the Pop-Up Contact Form gadget

Ok, before continuing to the Second gadget of the front page you may need to customize the Contact Form gadget too (Optional)

Second front gadget setting

The second front gadget is a single HTML gadget so it easy. Just change the Title and the text words with your own. Make sure you don't remove the HTML tags <p></p>.

Third front gadget settings

The third section of the front widget has the 4th group of gadgets. Configure it one by one like shown on the screenshot below:

Gadget (1)

Gadget 2,3 4

[Note!] Do the same for gadget number 2,3,4.

Fourth front gadget setting

The fourth Front gadget has two gadget group. The Text (1) and HTML (2). Below is the screenshot of how to customize it (Click/Tap to enlarge).

Gadget (1)

Gadget (2)

Fifth front gadget setting

The fifth gadget of the Front widget has five gadget group. One Text gadget and four HTML. Below is the screenshot of how to change the content you prefer.

Gadget (1)

Gadget 2, 3, 4, 5

[Note!]  Setting for all the HTML 2, 3, 4, 5 gadgets is the same.

Change the front Blog widget title

Okay, before going to the six front gadget you may also need to change the Blog content Title, Below is how to do it.

Six front gadget setting

The Six gadget is an Optin Subscribe Form with two gadgets on it. Which is the custom Text gadget as the main title and a custom Blogger Follow by Email's gadget. Below is how to edit them.

Edit the main Text gadget.

Gadget (1)

And below is how to edit the Follow by Email gadget.

And done! If you still need help, please hit us by sending an email through the contact page.